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Are You Thinking of Buying a Property to Renovate?

There is no doubt that a buying a house to renovate can be a daunting prospect. Money, time and labour will all need to be poured into any big renovation project, but for those who can commit, the rewards can be great.

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Perhaps this is why a report in the Independent suggests that the number of homeowners choosing to re-model their properties rather than moving has increased five-fold since 2013. People are opting to put their own stamp on their properties by re-modelling, renovating and making home improvements – sometimes small, sometimes very big.

If you are thinking about buying a house to renovate, here are some things to consider.

Plan your budget

Generally speaking, you will save money on a house in need of renovation when you first buy. The house value will be lower, and so will stamp duty. But the renovations themselves can cost … Read More